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Another great solution and time saver are our kitchen pods, in addition to your own design (subject to design revision), we offer a full range of options and shapes, from the “u” from the kitchen to the “L” shape and “in-line” designs. Our combination options are very useful: Kitchen & Laundry, Kitchen & ½ Bath, and Kitchen & Full Bath are some of the most popular items. Same as bathroom pods, the kitchen pods can be built as per our standard designs or your custom design.


While you and your team are working on having... Some applications can be developed at the same time, saving your time. Completely manufactured off-site, each bathroom comes fully finished, approved, and ready to install on your construction project. To produce bathrooms in a controlled environment is cost and time effective, but it also has other benefits, such as high-quality and defect-free bathrooms. Our system can be used in combination with other construction elements designed specifically for the client’s necessities and specifications. Any type of finishes are possible. Combinations are also interesting options, bathroom and laundry room, main bathroom and walk-in closet, full bathroom, and half bathroom. Our designers and engineers can make them a reality.