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Our cold-formed steel framing structures are strong, durable, and cost-effective. They are an option for traditional CMU walls. The system can be used for commercial and residential structures. The system relies on load-bearing walls, which translates into fewer or no columns, longer spams, and allows large open spaces. Steel structures give architects the freedom to design and achieve their structures. Different cladding options are available in a variety of colors and finishes. The designers can give their buildings the look and feel desired. Galvanized steel is resistant to corrosion, extremely resistant, and our buildings are designed to satisfy all construction requirements.  Our engineering team can work with your architect on the structural plans, we can also convert traditional construction documents into CFS construction documents. Our buildings and structures are built off-site, which results in: shorter and more predictable construction time, faster building occupancy, lower financing costs, and less construction waste are just some of their benefits.


Using galvanized steel as a structure, we offer a large range of products. You can use standard product designs or your own design. The highest levels of craftsmanship and quality control are implemented in our products


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